Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Our Lawmakers and the laws they break

It's no small wonder we are like this only ! So this is what happened this morning as I entered the Thane end of the Borivili National Park where like me many residents of the area go for their morning constitutional . And where like me , everyone pays Rs 130/- for an annual entry pass. Well, everyone like me who is above 60yrs gets to go in for free, the others pay . Which is fine . It keeps the mischief makers out and helps the authorities to keep the place nice and spiffy . There is a gorgeous Butterfly garden and some nice places to do your stretches and stuff. And some lovely "watch the sunrise spots" too. And the Weekend "Cottege"'s chowkidar's two little girls who are my morning buddies ever since they were born .
But to get back to what I was trying to get at .
At the gate there are these two really pleasant guys who are responsible for keeping order and ensure that all "morning walkars" as the board says have paid their dues and have their cards. The gatekeepers or chowkidars .
However early it is , they are up and about and greet you with a smile , a salaam and wave you in.
Newcomers are informed about the pass and the mechanics put in place , photos and signatures affixed to the ID card and all is well . One can go in and hob nob with the butterflies or power walk to the bird song that fills the air with its sweet persistence .
This morning as the two afore mentioned pleasant guys turned away a couple who did not have their ID and were in no mood to pay and get the pass for themselves , this guy who had just got down from his car walked up , greeted the couple effusively and then went up to the chowkidar at the gate and began roundly pulling him up for having turned away the "Saheb" . It was obvious that the man who was yelling at the poor gate keeper for only doing his duty was some sort of official . Both the chowkidars were at attention and salaaming him.
One of them was brave enough to say , Saab , upar se order hai , checking karne ke liye" ... Sir, we have orders from above to do this checking" . Only to be chastised loudly and roundly by the officious official , who almost yelled back , ok now it is my order to let this Saheb in .
Phew !!! Those poor guys had no choice but to let the couple in .
Welcome to India .



Well expressed. Nice pictures too.

Other than that, no comment! :)

Superman said...

Rules are meant for others... we are by birth beyond that.

That said, i think its a general problem and not limited to sahibs and the non-sahibs as the victims.

Somewhere in almost all of us there is this upbringing that the rules dont apply to you - the ones who follow are unfortunately an exceptional handful!